Athena earns an Edward E. Ford Foundation Leadership Grant

We're thrilled to announce that Athena has been awarded a 2018 Edward E. Ford Foundation Leadership Grant. 

The second grant awarded to Athena by the Edward E. Ford Foundation, the Leadership Grant will match funds raised up to $250,000.  A significant catalyst to Athena's growth, this grant enables the expansion of Athena's teacher community, the deepening of Athena's technical infrastructure, and the necessary context within which we can explore models of organizational sustainability.  Keep an eye open for announcements in the coming weeks!

In the past, Athena has been supported by the Edward E. Ford Foundation through a $50,000 Traditional Grant and by the Robertson Foundation.  In both cases, grants were made in partnership with Deerfield Academy, and the Edward E. Ford Foundation Traditional Grant was supported by Choate Rosemary Hall, Deerfield Academy, the Lawrenceville School, and Phillips Academy.

If you are interested in supporting a match to the Leadership Grant, please reach out to or donate directly below.  Thank you!