Athena Summer Fellowships

Are you hungry to join a community of educators around the country?  Are you eager to share your best and favorite assignments, classroom activities and discussion questions? Are you excited to offer feedback to others?  We're looking for high school English, History, Humanities, or Religion/Philosophy teachers like you! 

Athena Summer Fellowships are not geographically restricted; you can participate from any location with internet access. The summer has a flexible weekly schedule (5-7 hours per week) and includes a $500 stipend. 

Here’s what teachers said about their experience during 2017 and 2018 Fellowships:

“Athena is the best experience I have had in terms of connecting with other teachers online.”

“It felt like the big, collaborative English department I've always wanted to have. Maybe even better, because some of the teachers I was collaborating with came from history and religion departments.”

“This was one of the finest asynchronous professional development experiences I have participated in.”

“This experience was a great example of how truly constructive criticism can build community and encourage even better work to take place. I felt validated by my fellow teachers.”

“The connections with colleagues that budded were meaningful.”

The structure of the fellowship follows a flexible weekly timeline:

Between June 15 and June 30: Join an online introduction to Athena and to other summer fellows. Learn about shared areas of interest, best practices for sharing online, and details of the summer.  Set personal goals.

Between July 1 and July 22: Explore materials and develop your own, then rejoin your cohort leaders and teammates to think through learning, development, and new directions for the coming weeks of the fellowship.

Between July 23 and August 12: Inspired and shaped by collaboration with other teachers, begin a second round of sharing. Discuss and learn once again, then complete an exit survey about your experience.

Build a professional network, draw inspiration from dozens of other teachers, improve your best work.  The Athena Summer Fellowship is an opportunity to find and grow your community.  

By the numbers:

2018 Summer Fellows who said… (n=44)

  • ...colleagues at their school would find Athena useful: 100%

  • ...the fellowship was a valuable professional development experience: 97%

2017 Summer Fellows who said... (n=14)

  • ...colleagues at their school would find Athena useful: 100%

  • ...the fellowship was a valuable professional development experience: 100%


On your application, you will be asked about your particular goals and interests for the summer. By connecting educators who hope to use Athena in similar ways, we will be creating communities of shared interest and promoting a diverse set of experiences on the platform:

  • LEARNERS: You hope to use Athena primarily to learn and borrow from other teachers’ ideas. Ideal for new teachers, teachers feeling isolated, or teachers seeking to reinvigorate their practice.

  • SHARERS: You hope to share lots of your own materials on Athena, garner feedback on them, and reshape them as you prepare for another school year. Ideal for teachers taking on new courses, reshaping old curricula, or searching for new approaches to the classroom.

  • EDITORS: You hope to add your own well-loved lessons to Athena, and you’re also interested in helping to shape and organize the Athena site itself. Ideal for teachers who have tried-and-true work to share and who want to help build a collective knowledge base.

Applications for the 2019 Summer Fellowships close on May 13, and will receive responses by May 20. Priority will be given to teachers who have not previously received fellowships.

At this point, Athena welcomes applications from teachers who work in all areas of the humanities. We especially encourage applications from:

  • Teachers of both traditional and non-traditional texts and topics.

  • Teachers of world writers and world history

  • Teacher/editors who are excited about organizing and classifying curricula

Applications are currently closed for Summer 2019. Look out for updates in Spring 2020.